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Experience the MSPGeek Technical Growth Journey

MSPGeekCon is the premiere conference focused on the journey of a technician, honing career and skill set trajectory, and how to prepare for success.

Our conference is dedicated to the journey of a technician, from Tier-1 to Tier-3, concentrating on people, process, and automation. MSPGeekCon takes place May 21-23 in Orlando, Florida. Come grow with us.

Tech Focused

This is the first conference for you. This conference isn't about selling new products or tools, and you won't have vendors calling you for months afterwards.

No Nonsense

Well, there will be some! Aside from our guest speakers, informative tracks, and other activities, you'll have a chance to spend time with peers from around the globe.

Back to Work

Our conference begins on a Sunday and ends on a Tuesday, and that means you won't be away from work any longer than you have to be.

(Your manager will like this.)

Core Session Speakers

Aharon Chernin
  • Aharon Chernin
  • CEO - Rewst
Ashley Cooper
  • Ashley Cooper
  • VP, Customer Experience
John Hammond
  • John Hammond
  • Senior Security Researcher, Huntress
Kyle Hanslovan
  • Kyle Hanslovan
  • CEO - Huntress
John Strand
  • John Strand
  • Owner, Antisyphon Training
Kelvin Tegelaar
  • Kelvin Tegelaar
  • CEO @ CyberDrain, CTO @ Lime Networks, Microsoft MVP

Track Session Speakers

Joy Beland
  • Joy Beland
  • VP Partner Strategy and Cybersecurity Education, Summit 7 | CISM, SSAP, CMMC-AB CCP PA PI
Amanda Berlin
  • Amanda Berlin
  • Lead Incident Detection Engineer, Blumira
Kyle Christensen
  • Kyle Christensen
  • Coach, Speaker, Executive and founder of K7 Leadership
El Copeland
  • El Copeland
  • Community and Product Manager, Gozynta
Chris Dix
  • Chris Dix
  • Founder/Chief Geek of ChatStyle
Josh Ether
  • Josh Ether
  • Principle Agilist & Consultant
Adam Evans
  • Adam Evans
  • Security Director, Simplex-IT
Alex Farling
  • Alex Farling
  • Lifecycle Insights Co-Founder & Channel Chief
Reg Harnish
  • Reg Harnish
  • CEO of OrbitalFire
Brian Kelly
  • Brian Kelly
  • Visionary, high-EQ Operations Leader excited about helping people succeed in the MSP space
Bryson Medlock
  • Bryson Medlock
  • Threat Intelligence Evangelist at ConnectWise
Jeremy Oaks
  • Jeremy Oaks
  • Founder, Automation Theory
Nick Oles
  • Nick Oles
Ray Orsini
  • Ray Orsini
  • Champion for the MSP community, Featured speaker on process and procedure, Expert at generating sticky VoIP revenue for IT professionals
Patrick Orzechowski
  • Patrick Orzechowski
  • Let's build a safer Internet!
Steve Petryschuk
  • Steve Petryschuk
  • Director @ Auvik | Network & SaaS Management Nerd | Problem Solver
Andy Sauer
  • Andy Sauer
  • CISO, Sentinel Blue
Wes Spencer
  • Wes Spencer
  • Dictator
Connor Swalm
  • Connor Swalm
  • CEO, Phin Security

Need a hand convincing management?

We have resources to help you - with more on the way!

MSPGeekCon 2023 Overview

Overview of MSPGeekCon 2023, cost for attendance, and expected ROI from your participation in the conference.

MSPGeekCon 2023 Agenda

Information on our preday events, core and track sessions, game room, and after hours party!

Conference Agenda

Pre-day events, 1-4 PM

Boarding School

Presented by OITVOIP
Build your completely custom keyboard with Matthew F. Fox and Ray Orsini. Upon completion, you will get to take home your custom keyboard. Limited to 15 people.

Hands-on Hacking Training Lab

Presented by Huntress
This course arms you with the skills to gain initial access, evade antivirus, establish a persistent foothold, and exfiltrate sensitive data. In each lab, you will use common exploitation techniques to compromise victim VMs. With this knowledge, you’re better prepared to quickly identify and respond to Windows-based attacks and breaches.

How Killer Service can Beat Killer Sales

Presented by Tier 2 Tickets
Building strong relationships is ultimately more valuable than selling whatever you can at the highest price you can sell for. Bonus: you can sleep at night!

Rewst Event TBD

Presented by Rewst
Description coming soon!
Keynote 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
We’re kicking off our conference in style, with MSPGeek admins past and present, as we begin our two day journey of growth!
Core Sessions 10:15 AM - 1:15 PM

The Journey of Lifelong Learning: How to Keep Your Mind Fresh and Engaged

Presented by Kelvin Tegelaar
05/22/2023 10:15 am
Join us for a session on embracing the power of a beginner’s mind. Learn the importance of reframing your mindset to overcome cognitive biases and avoid falling into routines that may lead to stale knowledge. We’ll explore how the beginner’s mind can help you learn more and refresh your existing knowledge. Discover the difference between…

Beyond the Surface: How to Uncover Hidden Information and Solve Complex Problems

Presented by Kyle Hanslovan
05/22/2023 11:15 am
When faced with a complex problem, it can be challenging to know where to start. In this session, we’ll explore practical strategies for uncovering hidden information, analyzing data, and making informed decisions. We’ll discuss the importance of critical thinking and problem-solving and explore how these skills can be applied to a variety of fields, including…

The Defensive Mindset: Approaching Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving with Risk Mitigation in Mind

Presented by John Strand
05/22/2023 12:15 pm
 In this session, we’ll explore how to approach troubleshooting and problem-solving with a defensive mindset. We’ll discuss strategies for assessing risks and damages, testing solutions on a small scale before implementing them more widely, and creating mitigation plans for potential issues. By adopting a defensive mindset, we can avoid making mistakes that can be costly…
Track Sessions 2:45 PM - 5:15 PM

The Human Side of Tech

Own your toolbox and help others own theirs – a roadmap to career growth from Tier 1 to Tier 3

Presented by Brian Kelly
05/22/2023 2:45 pm
You are responsible for your Career. Be intentional about setting your goals and building the skill set you need to achieve those goals. Taking proactive responsibility can be difficult if you don’t have a clear understanding of what is expected of you as you grow from being an individual technical contributor to a technical leader.…

The Care and Feeding of Meat Computers

Presented by El Copeland
05/22/2023 3:40 pm
User manuals. How many have you tossed because you enjoy the challenge of figuring out your new toy or tool on your own? Would you be more likely to use one if they came with things that are more complicated and that you know less about? Would you read one if you found you were…

The Cybersecurity Snake Oil Antidote: How to Disarm Your Clients and Build Better Cyber Maturity

Presented by Wes Spencer
05/22/2023 4:35 pm
“I’m not paying that much! We’re not a target. We’ve never been hit before, so why should I care?” We’ve all heard the arguments. And usually we freeze up. We KNOW what the client needs, but how do we convey that when they simply don’t know anything about security frameworks, cyber risk, or anything else…

People, Process, Automation

Translating the MSP Business model for the Technical Mind

Presented by Kyle Christensen
05/22/2023 2:45 pm
Ever wonder how your MSP makes money? Have you ever tried to understand why your KPIs or Benefits are as such? In this session, we will look behind the curtains of the MSP Business Model and how it affects the technical teams it employs. 

Embracing Your Passion While Avoiding Burnout

Presented by Ray Orsini
05/22/2023 3:40 pm
When you’re passionate about technology, you spend a lot of time on it. Unfortunately, that makes it very difficult to disconnect. Finding other healthy outlets is incredibly important to avoiding burnout. Let’s workshop some creative ways we can identify where the line is and how to avoid it.

The Power of Process in MSP Sales

Presented by Alex Farling
05/22/2023 4:35 pm
MSPs are process-driven people, but they struggle with sales as if it were black magic. In the end, sales is just another process. We’ll discuss where to start, how to iterate, and the best methods for getting feedback from your prospects along the way, all without sounding like a salesperson. If the words coming out…

Secure, Defend, Recover

Exactly How to Create Security Culture at Your MSP

Presented by Joy Beland
05/22/2023 2:45 pm
This session will explore a proven roadmap for a culture shift to security first for your employees and your clients.

Defending the MSP tool stack in a zero-day world

Presented by Jeremy Oaks
05/22/2023 3:40 pm
Bad actors continue to target MSP tools as an entry point into downstream networks. This leaves the MSP with the unenviable task of defending against sophisticated attackers. This session will cover how MSPs can protect against mass attacks against self-hosted systems. By the end of this session, you’ll understand how to stop would-be attacks at…

Getting the Most out of Sysmon

Presented by Amanda Berlin
05/22/2023 4:35 pm
The default logging capabilities from Microsoft are only helpful to a certain extent. This session will discuss how to utilize the Sysinternals tool Sysmon for threat hunting, testing detections, and more. The session will explain use cases and look at real examples of Sysmon successfully detecting malicious behavior in the wild. 
Vendor Hall 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Learn about new and innovative offerings from vendors that support the growth of the MSP Channel and the techs powering it.
Core Sessions 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Hacked in 45min

Presented by John Strand
05/23/2023 8:00 am
In this session, we will look at how quickly an MSP and all its customers can be compromised. We will also cover the top 5 mistakes MSPs make when defending their networks. And finally, we will cover how to avoid them. We will do this live. Without a net.

Abstracting Your Way to Better Problem Solving and Automation

Presented by Aharon Chernin
05/23/2023 9:00 am
Are you tired of solving the same problems over and over again? Do you wish there was a better way to build automation that actually works? If so, this session is for you. In this session, we’ll explore the power of abstraction for both business and technical problem solvers. We’ll show you how to break…

The Mindset of Growth: Learning to Love the Journey, Not Just the Destination

Presented by John Hammond
05/23/2023 10:15 am
Are you tired of feeling stuck in your personal or professional life? Do you struggle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome? Join us for a session on developing a growth mindset and learning to love the journey of self-improvement. In this session, we’ll explore the mindset shift from a fixed to a growth mindset, and how…

Finding Your Tribe: The Importance of Community for Career Growth

Presented by Ashley Cooper
05/23/2023 11:15 am
In today’s fast-paced work environment, it’s easy to feel like we’re navigating the challenges of our careers alone. But what if we told you that you don’t have to go it alone? Our friends, family, and coworkers can play a crucial role in our success and happiness on the job. In this session, we’ll delve…
Track Sessions 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

The Human Side of Tech

Distracted Development

Presented by Josh Ether
05/23/2023 1:30 pm
The internet has fundamentally changed the way we work. The way we work has changed so much that the term ‘work’ is now obsolete. We are always ‘online’, always ‘connected’, always ‘available’. We are constantly bombarded with emails, Twitter notifications, Facebook messages, and Slack messages. As a result, we have become a generation of “multitaskers”…

The Future of the Network is End User Experience. Are you ready?

Presented by Steve Petryschuk
05/23/2023 2:45 pm
In this session, we’ll take a look at how monitoring needs to evolve in the face of the changing network, and thus the changing expectations of our end users!

From helpdesk to leadership – lessons learned from those who’ve walked the path

Presented by TBD
05/23/2023 4:00 pm
We all have to start somewhere, and many folks in the industry got their start in helpdesk before growing into other roles. This session aims to share the experience of those who’ve made that journey, sharing their insights to help the next generation of folks. In this session we’d discuss the soft skills we’ve embraces,…

People, Process, Automation

Automating Security Operations and Beyond

Presented by Patrick Orzechowski
05/23/2023 1:30 pm
Building an automated security platform is difficult. In this session, I will go over the basics of SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response), how best to approach implementation, and some lessons learned from my 4 years building an automated MSSP SOC.

Human Vulnerability Management

Presented by Connor Swalm
05/23/2023 2:45 pm
The Security Awareness Training Industry as a whole has seen some innovation over the last 20 years, but not much. Helping individuals recognize social engineering before it turns into a security breach has started and stopped at monthly assessments and training videos. Usually in the form of phishing training and short videos followed by quizzes.…

Polling Considered Harmful: Webhooks for PSA Automation

Presented by Chris Dix
05/23/2023 4:00 pm
Ever thought “I wish I could do X when a new ticket comes in”?  You can, if you can make webhooks work for you. You may have tried out the APIs for ConnectWise Manage or Autotask, but if you can leverage webhooks, you can react to changes and automate steps in your process that you…

Secure, Defend, Recover

Access Granted: Reducing the Exposure of MSP Architecture

Presented by Andy Sauer
05/23/2023 1:30 pm
MSPs and APTs have too much in common. MSPs may not always be “advanced”, but we sure can be a “persistent threat”. That’s because the tools we use often have wide-reaching powers at system levels, to remotely deploy applications and code, access data, and generally cause mayhem. It’s no wonder that government agencies like CISA…

Securing Cloud Infrastructure for MSPs: Tools and Tips

Presented by Bryson Medlock
05/23/2023 2:45 pm
Cloud infrastructure has become increasingly popular among managed service providers (MSPs) due to its scalability and cost-effectiveness. However, it also introduces new security challenges that MSPs must address in order to protect their clients’ data and systems. In this talk, we will explore a range of tools and strategies that MSPs can use to secure…

Winning @ Vulnerability Management, How to use CISA’s SSVC and actually manage vulnerabilities!

Presented by Nick Oles
05/23/2023 4:00 pm
Are you sick of chasing monthly metrics for vulnerability management? Does your organization have a vulnerability management process or procedure? In my talk, we will discuss the problem with traditional vulnerability management and give you tools and information on how to design and implement an actual vulnerability management plan that doesn’t chase metrics and mitigates…
MSPGeek Party 8:00 PM
What’s a conference without a party to get everyone together one last time before we head back to work? Exactly. It’s time to party!

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