Wes Spencer

Wes Spencer is a nationally recognized technology innovator and cybersecurity influencer and co-founder of multiple cybersecurity companies including Perch Security which was successfully acquired in 2020. Wes has numerous awards including the 2020 Cybersecurity Educator of the Year by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. Wes has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Pro Publica, Dark Reading, and many other outlets.

Wes is the Founder and CEO of Empath Cyber, helping every MSP grow in their cybersecurity knowledge through education and client-focused content. Wes is also the co-host of the CyberCall with over 5,000 MSP weekly listeners. Outside of the office, Wes fancies a tasty bourbon and some crispy hot chicken. You’ll also find him on YouTube (youtube.com/wesspencer) where his dictator headquarters are, and he talks a bit about technology, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency.

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