The Cybersecurity Snake Oil Antidote: How to Disarm Your Clients and Build Better Cyber Maturity

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“I’m not paying that much! We’re not a target. We’ve never been hit before, so why should I care?”

We’ve all heard the arguments. And usually we freeze up. We KNOW what the client needs, but how do we convey that when they simply don’t know anything about security frameworks, cyber risk, or anything else in between.

The truth is, there’s opportunity waiting in the wings. It’s natural for any client to resist paying for something they don’t understand. So how do we bridge that gap between the client’s concerns and our knowledge?

In this session, we’ll unpack all of the secrets I’ve learned in the thousands of client conversations I have every single day. You’ll learn the power of a smile and a chuckle. We’ll discover how analogies unify knowledge, and why education is at the center of it all. 

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