The Care and Feeding of Meat Computers

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User manuals. How many have you tossed because you enjoy the challenge of figuring out your new toy or tool on your own? Would you be more likely to use one if they came with things that are more complicated and that you know less about? Would you read one if you found you were responsible for a nuclear power plant? The Millennium Falcon? What about..a Human?

In this session, let’s hack our technical expertise to interface with the exasperatingly complex human operating system. We’ll look at how we can minimize the tension we experience when hiring, training, and promoting a well-rounded team by considering the components of a standard human, required care and maintenance, as well as resources and tools we can use to upgrade our Emotional Quotient. The result means we can better care for and retain team members, clients, and even our friends and family as the MSP market evolves.

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